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911TM.. 9-1-1 Silent Emergency Live Chat Messaging Service. What is it and why we all need it.

First of its kind, 911TM is a secure web-based live chat program that allows users to silently send and receive emergency messages through our system to the nearest 9-1-1 center.

Why 911TM is better than texting 9-1-1..

Have you ever been in a meeting or a doctor’s office and suddenly everyone looks annoyingly right at you because your phone sounds off unexpectedly? Your phone/text service acts just like a homing beacon, pointing you out.

Now imagine trying to text for help in a life and death situation. You’re trying to stay as quiet as possible so you can’t be found…suddenly your phone buzzes or sounds off as 9-1-1 returns your text... You might as well paint a target on yourself.

Even if you could remember to shut off your ringtone, getting an emergency text through to 9-1-1 can take forever. How do you tell them what your emergency is, who you need, your current location and who you are in 160 letters or less; would 9-1-1 understand it if you could? How many texts would have to go back and forth for them to know what's really going on? Would the text messages show up in the proper order? Would they show up at all?

911 TMan showing off SEM App in stages of use.

Why calling/texting 9-1-1 isn't always appropriate..

There are times when the smartest thing you can do is not say a word, otherwise a situation can go from bad to deadly. Domestic violence, bullying, home intrusion, school invasions are all examples of times when getting help is critical, but doing so without being injured begs the question "Is there another way to get help without getting hurt? What do I do if I can't speak?".

Trying to keep quiet for many people is not an option; being speech, hearing or language challenged is a matter of life every day. Calling 9-1-1 for help requires extra thought and preparation...time they may not have.

Even if you could text, most cities and towns across the country still don’t have Text-to-9-1-1 services. Can you imagine thinking you could text for help (maybe at your last address you could) only to find out at the worst possible moment it’s not available?

911TM is easy to use..

911TM offers something not currently available through any other service; Silent 9-1-1 access using your smart phone or tablet (subscription and cell data plan or Wi-Fi service required); no ringtones from messages being sent or received because we don’t use SMS texting.

911TM’s service is designed to make sure as long as you have connectivity, you can get help silently and securely, no matter where you live in the U.S. With the same amount of keystrokes that it takes to text the word “help!” to 9-1-1, 911TM can verify who you are, where you are, the accuracy of your location, what your emergency is, who you need help from and where home is in a matter of seconds, making sure that your closest 9-1-1 center gets your plea for help quickly.

If things go from bad to worse, 911TM also has a panic button. Once you have started sending messages, all you have to do is press the PANIC button and hide your phone in a pocket; that starts an automated emergency beacon that sends your updated location, allowing us to track you for the duration of the contact.

Messaging 9-1-1 is serious business…

Technology has made it too easy for people to make prank calls; even 9-1-1 is no stranger to this problem. SWATing, it seems, is the new (fake) pizza delivery. Kids will call pleading for help saying there’s a fight at their address and guns are involved, only to find as SWAT breaks in the door that an unknowing family is just watching TV or enjoying dinner. This uses up precious few resources and money taxpayers can’t afford to lose.

911TM helps to minimize prank contacts by passing on your address and location information (during the emergency only) to the emergency dispatch center. Making sure you know with confidence that they can find you during the contact..

Once your subscription account is created and the shortcut is saved to your smart device’s Home Page, as few as six quick screen taps will send your current location (latitude & longitude), home address, name, emergency type and message to the closest 9-1-1 center. Our service is fast and overdue. That's why our motto is: 911TM; It’s About Time..

Our Mission..

- To securely and silently connect our clients to public safety responders in the most efficient manner possible. -

Engage Link; service for hearing impaired

What We Are

911TM is a subscription-based emergency messaging system that connects its clients with 9-1-1 centers across the U.S. Using a GPS-enabled smart device and Internet connectivity you are able to silently and quickly ask for help either through our relay service or directly connecting with a subscribing 9-1-1 center without having to worry about callbacks or ringtones which might make matters worse.

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